Tomb Raider Themed Arts Award

Many schools take part in an activity run by the school called an Arts Award. An Arts Award is a project where you do something creative to give yourself a qualification later on in life. Young students from the ages of 7 - 25 take part in this project whether it be composing music, crafting, drawing, painting, acting, short films, photography, computer work, lots of different activities to choose from.

I started my Arts Award in about October 2012 on crafting and design. Making props really. I decided that I was going to make Tomb Raider things that are found and used in the new Tomb Raider that Lara Croft comes across. For example, I will be making her makeshift bow, her necklace, the WWII pistol, a relic box, a diary including all documents that you can find in the game and many more.

Here I will post the things that I have made and I will eventually make a video about it.

Lara's makeshift bow from the Coastal Forest 

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