Monday, 6 May 2013


If you have not yet completed the game then please DO NOT READ UNTIL GAME IS COMPLETED! 

I had an idea for something that could have been added to Grim's death in the new Tomb Raider and I'd thought I would share it with you guys. :) The part marked in red is the part I added.

Lara held her bow equipped with an arrow, pointing at the Solarii madmen holding her Scottish friend Grim.  His hands were tied up and his face was angry. One scavenger was sat waiting to fire at her with his machine gun, another holding a large machete. Lara knew she had to do something fast.

The Solarii member held a knife to Grim's neck, his other hand over Grim's body to make sure he would escape. "Drop your weapons! Or we kill your friend!" he shouted.

"Don't fucking do it!" Grim shouted at Lara, he didn't want the poor girl to die. The scavenger's patience was ticking, and he started cutting his knife into Grim's neck.

"Okay! Okay..okay," She lowered her bow and placed it on the floor. Lara was panicking, what was she to do?

"That's nothing pal, I grew up in Glasgow!" Grim wasn't scared, only that Lara might die any moment now.

"Now kick them off the edge!" The scavenger shouted.

Suddenly, Grim bashed his head back into the scavenger's skull, got a good grip on him and swung him over the edge of the tower. The scavenger toppled into the mist below; Grim managed to take his knife off of him before he fell.

Lara picked her bow up, getting ready to shoot the other scavengers that were now reacting. The one with the machete ran towards Grim, ready to stab him. But Grim was faster, and stuck the knife into the top of his head.

One scavenger left, shooting bullets as Grim ran towards him. Lara was one shot away from saving them both when Grim did the unexpected. He ran into the scavenger head first, slammed him into an un-sturdy wall and they both toppled over the tower.

"Grim! NO!" Lara shouted. She lowered her bow. A look of loss struck her face. She felt angry, sad, heart broken all at once. How was she going to tell the others? She could have saved Grim. She could have prevented it all from happening.

"There she is!" a scavenger cried, running towards a zipline ready to attack the outsider. Several more Solarii members where arriving. 

"AAGHH!" Lara turned around to face the tower and took out her pistol in one swift move. She shot the untouched explosive red barrels, screaming as she did so. The Solarii exploded in the flames of the barrels. 
"I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" She screamed and panted. She had never been more angry. 

"Lara, you there?" Roth called on the walkie talkie. Overcome by frustration, Lara grabbed the radio from her belt and smashed it onto the tower floor. She then started to sob and sat down over the edge of the tower, her hands in her face wiping off the tears. She had never lost a true friend before. Not since her parents disappeared from her life. 

Thankfully the walkie talkie was still in tact, Roth calling on the other line of the channel. Lara had calmed down now and answered it. 

"Lara, you ok? What happened?" Roth was sitting in an old pagoda with a sniper rifle.

"Roth. I'm sorry, I....I don't know what came over me," 

"It's alright Lara, have you met up with Grim yet?"

"Grim's.......dead.," Lara's face saddened when she said this. "They tried to use me as leverage to make him surrender, but he wouldn't let them." 

"Oh Grim stubborn bastard."

"I'm so sorry Roth..."

"No, don't be sorry Lara. Just make it count. We'll raise a glass to the old man when we get out of here."

And that's it. I'd of thought that Lara would have been angrier than she was when Grim died in the game so I thought I would add a bit. You may not agree with what I wrote but I thought it was a good idea :)

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