Friday, 31 May 2013

MCM Expo Comic Con London May 2013

A bit of a mouthful of a title, but in the short I attended this years Comic Con in the Excel center last weekend!

This was my first ever convention, I had only heard that it was going on from a friend on Twitter informing me that she was going to meet Camilla Luddington. Of course, because I love Luddington and her performance as Lara Croft in the latest reboot, I was really hooked and wanted to go. After much convincing my parents gave in and I was super excited.

Originally I wanted to go in cosplay - specifically Alex Weiss cosplay for a convention, but seeing as I had only heard about the event the week before it was suppose to go underway, I knew I wouldn't be able to get my costume ready in time. Going in Alex Weiss cosplay would have hopefully been recognized by fans of the game, so they would know I was a Tomb Raider fan and we could talk! I had to settle for my Tomb Raider t-shirt and Lara Croft's necklace in the hopes someone would see me as a Tomb Raider fan. ;)

After a few train journeys we started seeing people in cosplay and it made me even more excited. They didn't care what "muggles", if you will, thought of them. It made me really happy, in a cheesy moment I felt "at home". Some of the cosplayers really put work into their outfits! I saw one guy who had contact lenses in that made his pupils red, and he was constantly in a zombie-like trance for the whole convention.

The most boring part of the event however was queuing. Initially I thought "I don't mind, we'll get to stand and see some more cosplayers" which we did, only the queuing took 2 and a half hours. We spent longer queuing than we did in the actual convention I'm afraid to say. I did see some awesome Lara Croft cosplayers though who were happy to take a picture.

I was also amazed by the amount of people with signs that read "Free hugs" on them! xD

When we were in the convention it was packed! There were so many people there, amazing really. My dad estimated about 5,000 people were queue with us. The main thing I was most excited about was seeing Camilla Luddington though. When I saw her I started jumping with excitement I was that happy to see her. There were other celebrities with stands as well for autographs but Camilla's was by the far longest!

This was also a great time to see some awesome Lara Croft cosplayers, and I was able to get this shot with an Alex Weiss and Lara Croft cosplay from the new reboot! Thanks to Jamie Butler and Lara-Violet HispancĂ­a-Cruse! Your cosplay was awesome :)

I didn't get a picture with Camilla or her autograph like I had hoped for, mainly because the line was long and I had already done a big one of those, so we just took a few photos of her from the side. xD

One thing about Comic Con that I was really gutted about is that I didn't get to meet many Tomb Raider fans. I saw lots of cosplayers, but they are just dressing up as Lara. I have no idea even if they are big fans like I am or just dressing up as the characters. I was convinced with the great cosplayers I took a photo with though because I spoke to Lara after the convention. I really wanted to see the Survivor Reborn fansite admins and Hannah that informed me about Expo in the first place.

I would love to return to Expo again as I loved this one so much! I believe there is one going on in October, so by then my cosplay will be finished and I will get to go with my friends. One of my closest friends wanted to go but didn't, and the one in October falls on her birthday so she's really excited to go now! Hopefully I can go with her October and another friend and I will have a better chance of meeting some Tomb Raider fans next time around, having known to get better passes that meant I didn't have to queue for so long. ;)

Thanks Expo for a great first convention! :)


  1. Great review! If you wanna cut down on queuing buy an early entry ticket, only takes 5-30 minutes to get in then. Oh don't worry 95% of cosplayers know what their talking about, most of the Lara's you saw have probity been huge gamer since they were about 8.

  2. Sounds like fun (except for all the waiting). I agree with Matt, buying tickets online ahead of time helps if you can manage it. Not really possible for a last-minute trip through. Hope it works out for next time. :D

    1. Don't you worry, next time, I will be prepared like going to Comic Con is my destiny xD

  3. Hey I love your blog! Thought you might like this Tomb Raider comic!