Saturday, 26 January 2013

My latest Tomb Raider related obsession...

Happy new year Crofts!

My last blog post was about remaking the classic Tomb Raider series and how many fans have created remakes of the classics but in picture form or "renders".

A while ago I got a program called XNALara where you can pose Lara in your own way, make her look like a badass or have a friendly relationship with Winston. Whatever you want Lara to do basically. Well I have recently got into making renders and since the start of the year have created several! I have mainly done remakes of the classics as I find them the most enjoyable to make. Here is one I did the other day and is my favorite so far:
It is a remake of Tomb Raider II Golden Mask where Lara hunts for the mask in snowy regions. This and a classic style model by user "not-again" are my favorite models, they look the most like classic Lara in my opinion and are fantastic! I love this scene as in the Golden Mask the sky looks quite orange like and the mountains fit the render perfectly. Add a snowmobile and presto, you have a Tomb Raider render.
My remake of my favorite and final level in Tomb Raider II,
"Home Sweet Home"

If you are interested in making one please tell me and I'll do a tutorial on this blog in the future, I may do one anyway just for fun. :)

Check out more of my renders on my deviantART profile here:

Thanks for reading! :)