Monday, 24 December 2012

Tomb Raider Classics Remade

Merry Christmas Crofts! Hope you are all enjoying this Christmas wherever you are and that you are all spending time with the people you love. :)

Today I am going to be talking about the Classics; specifically them being remade.

There has been many debates over YouTube videos, Tomb Raider forums, Deviant Art comments about whether these should be remade or not. In my opinion, it would be great to have a revival of the Classics and make more people notice them, however I really don't want Tomb Raider to become a mainstream game, especially the Classics which I hold so dearest to my heart!

Earlier this year a popular YouTube video by a channel called Unlockstar posted a video with lots of renders of the Classics but with the graphics and look of today's Tomb Raider games. If you're a follower of my tumblr you'll know I've been posting a LOT of pictures of some great renders I found. ;)

Since then the channel has made 3 of these videos showcasing lots of the different renders and they look stunning! My favorite is set as my desktop background!

Since Crystal Dynamics has already made a remake of TR1, the renders consist of TR2 to AOD. I highly recomend checking some of these videos out, by the way!

Recently I have been checking Facebook around the Tomb Raider community and found an event created by a Tomb Raider fan to get Crystal Dynamics to remaster the Classics in HD and provide DLC (downloadable content) for them. This would include Unfinished Business, Golden Mask and Lost Artifact (Tomb Raider gold games) to be available for download, also in HD. At the moment there are 154 people "going" including myself. Link to event here. 

So what are your thoughts on this? Should they be remade?

See you soon Crofts and Merry Christmas! :D

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week of Tomb Raider and Survivor Trailer

Hello Crofts!

You've been warned! ;)

Today's blog post will be about IGN's week of Tomb Raider where they showcased lots of new elements about the game and the new Survivor trailer.

Survivor trailer

The new trailer showcases lots more gameplay from the newest Tomb Raider and also recycled gameplay from this years E3 videos to keep things fresh. I have replayed this trailer about 100 times because I love it so much! Especially the music. The trailer was shown first at the VGA's with Jason Graves, composer for Tomb Raider, and lots of other composers playing the music for the game which brought a much more epic style to the trailer. I LOVE it! :D

IGN's Week of Tomb Raider 

Monday livestream

Monday started off with a long, 90 minute livestream starting from the end of the already show gameplay from Eurogamer. From when Lara had her first kill to the scavengers, till sending a distress signal up a transmitting tower. There were a few technical difficulties at the beginning  but other than that a great livestream. They played Tomb Raider for about an hour and then answered some questions via the live audience and twitter. If only I could have been there! XD

Tuesday Survival rewind trailer 

Tuesday had a rewind trailer, telling you about some of the different things in the background and gameplay the corresponding with the story and everything else. They did the same for the Crossroads trailer. If some parts in the trailer were unsure to you though, then I would watch this trailer, but for me it's the worst day, in my opinion.

Wednesday The Tombs of Tomb Raider

FINALLY!! I'm sure lots of Tomb Raider fans were waiting for this moment. We all want to see if the new Tomb Raider will actually have tombs in it. And yes, it does! There are tombs that are part of the story that you have to go through, but also challenge tombs that reward you with relics, maps, documents and experience points. Much like the side tombs in Guardian of Light. We aren't shown how to solve one of the challenge tombs but we are sure it will have lots of challenging puzzles in there for us, including features where we need to upgrade equipment in order to continue. So don't worry, the new Tomb Raider won't just be caves and forest. :)

Thursday Upgrading Lara Croft

This shows us the base camp system, how we upgrade Lara, her abilities  equipment, experience and more. There are several base camps around the island and we are able to go back and visit them using the "fast travel" system. Going back to base camps allows us to explore elements in the environment and hunt for salvage, experience and relics.

Friday Guide to survival

The last day for IGN's week of Tomb Raider showcases a survival guide. The first episode in a mini series tells us about the Smart Resourceful Lara and a brief telling of the base camp system and elements and puzzles.

Soon episode 2 will be released, as will episode 4 of the Final Hours of Tomb Raider, so you may want to be checking both IGN and Tomb Raiders YouTube channels for when they are released. At first I wasn't so sure about this new re-imagining of the Tomb Raider games, but this week has really got me hooked. I really recommend you check out this week of Tomb Raider and most importantly the Survivor trailer.

Farewell Crofts! :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Taking Screenshots

How are we today Crofts? All well I hope! :)

Some of you may know, recently I made yet another website (is this the 3rd one now?) all about my Tomb Raider story and some screenshots I'm taking. Though there isn't anything about my Tomb Raider story on it yet I have published on this site over 1,000 screenshots! These are from popular TRLE level set Mists of Avalon (review on here and video form coming soon!) and you can enter the screenshots by level. Some levels only have 40 screens, others have 200.

Seeing as I'm doing this, I thought I would make a blog post about taking screenshots in general. Hope you like this mini-tutorial. :)

I take my screenshots using a program called Fraps. I use this to record gameplay and recently discovered you can take screenshots with it too! When I'm taking them I open Fraps up and set the "Folder to save screenshots in" under the screenshots tab to the folder where I keep my screenshots. I order the folder by level to make it easier, but you can have it loose in the folder like I started off with.

Then, I set the screenshots hot key to "s" for screenshots and open my game. Sometimes it messes up the game if you have the game open first before Fraps. I open the game and start to take screenshots at lots of different places. When Lara is walking, running, when there is a cool camera angle I like - so quite a lot.

Scenery screenshot 
Cutscene screenshot

I specifically take 4 different kinds of screenshots:
Lara partially in shot
Lara fully in shot

Here is how to take these screens:

Scenery screenshot - Stand up against a wall with Lara facing what you want to take the screenshot of. Press and hold the look button and Lara will not be in shot so you can take the screen. 

Cutscene screenshot - Pretty simple, during the cutscene, take the screenshot. 

Lara Partially in shot - Do the same as scenery screenshot, except walk 1 or 2 steps forward and press and hold the look button. This will make Lara in shot partially but also taking a good screen of the scenery - my favorite type of screenshot. :)

Lara fully in shot - Just take a screenshot when Lara is fully in shot (default camera angle). 

Hope this helped you if you want to take screenshots. Straight forward and fun! For me at least. :)

See you soon Crofts!

Link to new site: